What You Need To Know About Mobile Trash Compaction For Roll-Off Dumpsters


Whether you are a homeowner renting a roll-off dumpster for one-time usage or you are a business owner who uses a dumpster for your regular trash disposal system, mobile trash compaction may benefit you. Mobile trash compaction for roll-off dumpsters is a process that involves taking the trash in your dumpster and compacting it, helping you to fit more trash in your dumpster. If you are considering this service, here are a few of the key details you should know. 

What the Benefit to Mobile Trash Compaction Is

There are two primary benefits associated with mobile trash compaction. The first benefit associated with mobile trash compaction is that you can fit more items in your dumpster. If you are routinely filling your dumpster before pick-up day or looking to maximize the space in a dumpster, compacting what is in there can make space for you to dispose of more. The other benefit to compacting is that compacting keeps everything small and tight. This makes it easier for you to close and secure your dumpsters at night, keeping pests out of the dumpster when it is becoming full. 

What You Need to Keep in Mind Before Compacting Trash

One of the biggest things that you need to keep in mind before compacting trash is that some companies charge a flat fee each time they pick up your dumpster and other companies charge you by the pound. Compacting your dumpster makes a lot of sense if you get charged by the pick-up but may not make as much sense if you are charged by the pound. Talk to your dumpster company to find out how you are charged and then compare the cost of compacting versus pick-ups if needed. 

How Long It Takes to Compact Trash

The last thing that you need to know about mobile trash compaction for roll-off dumpsters is that it is a relatively fast process. Many people get concerned that the process may impact their parking lot or driveway. It typically takes less than 10 minutes to compact trash in a roll-off dumpster, making it a fast process. 

Most types of trash that legally get placed in a roll-off dumpster can be compared, with the exception of masonry, concrete, and rock. However, some companies have their own company rules as to what they will and will not compact, so be sure to talk to the company you are considering working with to find out what rules they have in regards to trash compaction services for roll-off dumpsters. For more information, reach out to a company like The Dumpster Masters


7 July 2021

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