Sidewalk Cleaning And Maintenance That Improves The Appearance Of Your Sidewalks


If you've been cleaning the exterior of your home, decluttering your yard, and improving your landscaping, you may also want the sidewalks on your property cleaned. Sidewalks in the shade might be covered in algae or mold. Plus, concrete can get stained with dirt and turn a dark color over time. Pressure washing is a good way to clean sidewalks because it can blast off built-up stains and ground-in dirt. This can make dark concrete white again so it looks new as long as the concrete is also in good repair. Here are tips for sidewalk cleaning and maintenance.

Hire A Pressure Washing Professional

If you don't have experience with using a pressure washer, consider hiring a professional to do the work. They can bring a gas-powered pressure washer that can be used far from electricity and clean the concrete without harming it or leaving streaks behind. In addition to having strong commercial equipment, they'll have the accessories needed to clean a sidewalk.

They might use a specific spray nozzle or a floor-cleaning attachment. Pressure washing concrete can be difficult since the stream of water leaves a white streak behind where it has lifted dirt. You need to use uniform pressure and keep the clean streaks together or your sidewalk will have areas of clean concrete and dirty streaks. A pressure washing company can avoid a streaky look since they have a lot of experience using the equipment on a variety of materials.

Remove Weeds From Joints

A pressure washer can also be used to remove weeds growing in the joints of a sidewalk. The washer can even remove weeds growing along the edges so the sidewalk has a manicured look. If any cracks need to be filled, pressure washing first can get rid of grit and weeds growing in the crack so the filler can be added once the area is clean and dry.

Repair Cracks And Sunken Areas

Once the sidewalk cleaning is completed, you may need to repair cracks and sunken areas so your sidewalk transformation is complete. You might fill small cracks yourself so you can keep the crack from spreading, but you may need a professional to fill large cracks or raise a sunken area that is a trip hazard.

Sidewalk cleaning makes a big difference in the way your property looks from the street. If your sidewalk is caked with algae or mold, the pressure washing service may need to use chemicals to get the concrete bright and to kill the growth. Pressure washing goes fairly fast, and there is little disruption involved, so it's a worthwhile project that will complement your efforts to improve the appearance of your property.

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18 July 2023

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